Are egg whites protein or dairy?

Are egg whites protein or dairy?

Both eggs and dairy are considered animal products, and both are known sources of protein.

Is eating egg white vegan?

No, egg whites are not vegan. Egg whites are the clear liquid contained within an egg. These are not vegan friendly because they are an animal product, usually a chicken or duck.

Can you eat eggs if you are dairy free?

Eggs are not dairy. Dairy-free products and recipes can contain eggs. So can milk-free products and recipes. People who follow a dairy-free diet specifically, with no other dietary restrictions, can and often do eat eggs

What are eggs if they are not dairy?

The confusion could also come from the use of similar terminology – dairy product and animal by-product. But, contrary to these common misconceptions, eggs are NOT a dairy product. While eggs are indeed produced by animals and therefore by definition an animal by-product, they are not a derivative of dairy products.

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