Should I cut off Brown pitchers on pitcher plant?

Should I cut off Brown pitchers on pitcher plant?

If your pitcher plant is a tropical plant known as Nepenthes, or Monkey Cup, you may wonder about pitcher plant pruning for these species. Essentially, the instructions are the same. As pitchers and leaves die back naturally, trim them off to keep the plant vigorous

How do you save a dying pitcher plant?

How to save a dying pitcher plant

  • See to it that the plant is getting enough sunlight.
  • Check whether you are providing enough water.
  • Place your pitcher plant in a humidified spot.
  • Check the soil acidity.
  • Do not use fertilizers.
  • Provide extra care for indoor pitcher plants.
  • The plant turns yellow and brown.
  • Can you overwater a pitcher plant?

    Never let the plant sit in water. Although nepenthes like moist soil, the plants are prone to root rot in soggy, poorly-drained planting medium.

    Why are the pitchers on my pitcher plant turning black?

    When pitcher plant (Nepenthes) leaves are turning black, it is usually the result of shock or a sign that the plant is going into dormancy. Something as simple as a change in conditions the plant experiences when you bring it home from the nursery can cause shock.

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