What can you do with brussel sprout plant leaves?

What can you do with brussel sprout plant leaves?

The leaves can be used in the same ways as kale, cabbage or collard greens by sauting, shredding into salads or adding to green smoothies. But what you may be even less familiar with or just walked by dismissing it as cabbage, is the top of the Brussels sprouts stalk.

Is it OK to eat brussel sprout leaves?

Are brussels sprouts greens safe to eat? The leaves on the stalks of brussels sprouts are not only edible, but they’re delicious. Brussels sprouts leaves are not poisonous, and in fact they are a nutritious green that tastes similar to collard greens.

Can you eat the top leaves of brussel sprouts?

As the stalk of the Brussels sprouts plant grows, the leaves form a head at the top of the plant. They look a lot like a very loose head of cabbage. These Brussels sprouts leaves ( also called Brussels sprouts tops) are edible and are just as flavorful as the sprouts themselves.

Can you eat the outer leaves of brussel sprouts?

Now you can literally shake off Brussels sprout leaves Yet even if you acquire a taste for them, one hurdle remains: Brussels sprouts are one of the most high-maintenance vegetables to prep. In addition to cutting off each stem, you’re also supposed to remove the outer leaves from each individual sprout before cooking

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