What does Error 50 mean on Wolf warming drawer?

What does Error 50 mean on Wolf warming drawer?

Cause: Door switch closed when touch pad is operating or unit is turning on.

How do you use a Wolf warming drawer?

Answer: The Wolf Warming Drawer is the ideal choice for keeping food warm. Programmable with auto-shut off for up to 4 hours. Temp control range of 80xbaF to 200xbaF.

Can you use Wolf oven as warming drawer?

It allows you to serve everything at just the right temperature, no matter how late guests or family members arrive. If you’ve got a pool, it can even keep towels nice and toasty till you come out of the water. It’s not all about food the Wolf Warming Drawer also does a fine job warming dinnerware, cups, even towels.

What does PF mean on Wolf oven?

power failure

How do you clear error codes on a subzero refrigerator?

First Clean the Condenser. After cleaning the condenser, press and hold the door ajar alarm key (bell symbol) on the control panel for 15 seconds to clear the error code. Only clear the error code if temperatures are near normal. If temperatures do not return to normal, or continue to rise, do not clear the error code.

Can you cook in a Wolf warming drawer?

The Wolf warming drawer is a surprisingly versatile kitchen tool. With superior air and temperature control, it not only assures everyone has a warm meal, it can heat plates and cups, and even towels

How does a Wolf warming drawer work?

A Wolf warming drawer distributes heat evenly from 80 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit using fans. The wide range of preset temperatures for foods like bread, cooked cereals and pizza make operation a breeze. The 30-inch warming drawer allows both entres and side dishes to fit easily.

How do I use my warming drawer?

To Use the Warming Drawer Preheat empty serving dish while preheating drawer. Add cooked, hot food in cooking utensil or to heat-safe serving dishes. Food may be kept hot in its cooking container or transferred to a heat-safe serving dish. Aluminum foil may be used to cover food.

What temperature is a warming drawer on low?

Answer: The Wolf Warming Drawer is the ideal choice for keeping food warm. Programmable with auto-shut off for up to 4 hours. Temp control range of 80xbaF to 200xbaF.

Can I use my oven as a warming drawer?

Instead of taking up oven or counter space to proof your dough, place it in the warming drawer with a bowl of hot water. That way, it will stay safe from contaminants or curious pets out in the open, and you can still use your oven to cook the rest of the day’s meals

How do you keep food warm in a Wolf oven?

The Keep Warm feature uses convection heat to preserve the food’s taste, texture, looks, and quality.

  • The Warm button on the control panel is a shortcut to the Keep Warm mode.
  • The oven heats to 175xb0F, and the temperature does not appear.
  • Do I really need a warming drawer?

    Because they’re smaller, warming drawers are more efficient than keeping food warm in a full oven, and they maintain desired food consistency better than re-heating something in the microwave does. They have features to ensure chicken skin remains crisp and baked goods remain moist.

    What does PF mean on a Wolf range?

    a power failure

    How do you reset a Wolf oven?

    Turn off the unit at the circuit breaker or electrical supply source for 30 seconds, then turn on the power to the unit. Press a button on the control panel to see if it responds.

    How do you reset a Wolf warming drawer?


  • Power the unit off by pressing the Power On/Off key.
  • Press and hold the Power On/Off key, along with MED and PROOF keys simultaneously for five seconds.
  • Press and hold Timer Up and Timer Down simultaneously for five seconds.
  • Press Timer Up one time and release.
  • Why is my Wolf oven locked?

    Answer: E or L Series Oven control panels can be locked to prevent unwanted oven operation. This feature will keep the unit child-safe and prevent the oven from accidentally being turned on. Touch and hold LOCK for three seconds to lock and unlock the control panel.

    How do you reset a Sub-Zero refrigerator?

    To reset a Sub-Zero product:

  • Turn the unit off at the control panel. For units with a dial control, turn the knob to zero (0) or off.
  • Turn the home circuit breaker to the unit off for 30 seconds and back on again. Retest the unit operation.
  • What does code EC mean for a Sub-Zero refrigerator?

    EC 20. Defrost underheat. This error may indicate an issue with the wiring, defrost heater, defrost terminator, or refrigerator control board. If you receive this error, contact your local Sub-Zero repair service for assistance.

    How do I find the error code on my Sub-Zero refrigerator?

    Make sure the door ajar alarm is not active. See Sub-Zero Classic (BI) Door Ajar Alarm. If the door ajar alarm sounds and the door appears closed, something is blocking the door from closing.

    Can you cook meat in a warming drawer?

    Can You Cook In A Warming Drawer? Yes, you can slow cook a variety of dishes, including beef, poultry and lamb, but only if the warming drawer comes equipped with the appropriate cooking function.

    Does a warming drawer cook food?

    The height is typically about 1 foot. A 30-inch-wide drawer can hold up to 10 full-size dinner plates full of food. Warming drawers are specifically designed to keep plates of food warm and moist once the food has been prepared. They are not designed to reheat food or to cook the food initially

    What can I use my warming drawer for?

    Despite having been available for years, warming drawers have only recently become popular amongst home cooks. Highly versatile, they can be used to help prepare and time meals, to warm crockery, or prove dough.They can even be used to defrost delicate foods or melt chocolate

    How does a warming drawer work?

    Warming drawers are separate cooking devices that use a low-heat setting to ensure that your dishes stay heated and ready to eat, no matter when you made them. They can also heat up plates and even proof bread dough the final step before baking.

    How do you turn on a warmer drawer?

    To Use the Warming Drawer

  • Push and turn the control knob to a temperature setting: (LO), (HI) or between (LO) and (HI) position.
  • Slide the Moisture selector to a Moist or Dry position.
  • Allow time for the drawer to be preheated.
  • Preheat with rack in place if using that arrangement.
  • How do I turn on my warming drawer?

    To use Warming Drawer: Push in and turn the control knob to the desired food warming setting: Lo (low), between Lo and Med (medium low), Med, (medium), between Med and Hi (medium high) or Hi (high).

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